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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers!

What are microgreens? 

-Microgreens are plants in their embryonic stage of growth, just like sprouts. The first few weeks of a plants life is supported by their cotyledons. These cotyledons add a powerful nutritional boost to the plant if consumed.


Does Terra Vita offer produce delivery?

-  We make deliveries to local restaurants every week. We encourage people to come out to our farm stand or the Wilmington farmers market at tidal creek to purchase our produce.

Where can I buy your produce?

-You can get your hands on our bounty every week through our farm stand on Fridays, or the Wilmington farmers market on Saturdays.

Does Terra Vita offer edible flowers? 

-Yes we offer edible flowers, cut flowers and tea flowers.

Is your produce organic?

-Yes, we are the only completely no spray farm in Wilmington. We don't even use the organic certified pesticides. We are also a minimal/no till farm.

What are the best storage options for produce?

-Most all produce needs stored in the fridge, any leafy greens hold up better in a plastic bag

What is the typical shelf life of Terra Vita produce? 

-10 days to 4 weeks depending 

Is organic farming important?

-Yes, more than you could imagine

What unique items does Terra Vita offer in comparison to other farms?

-Medicinal tea herbs, edible flowers, CBD hemp, gourmet mushrooms, microgreens

What if I'm looking for a item you don't carry?

-Ask us, we'd be happy to start growing anything new as long as it made sense

What payment methods do you expect?

-Cash, Credit Card, Paypal, Check

Do you grow herbs and medicinals? 

-We sure do.

What if I'm just getting started? Do you offer a starter kit?

-Not yet but I'd be happy to point you in the right direction

Can I cook with microgreens?

-Yes, though they are at their healthiest in their raw form, don't let that stop you from enjoying them anyway you want.

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